Feedback will not be in vain, says Paudel

POKHARA, July 20

Nepali Congress Vice-president Ramchandra Paudel on Sunday said that feedback collection on the draft statute should not go in vain.

Speaking to journalists at Pokhara Airport on Sunday, Paudel stated that the allocated time for feedback collection and report preparation was too short and impractical.

“Millions of rupees have been spent on feedback collection. Hundreds of state employees and lawmakers have been deployed for the same. However, preparations of the report in a day and its submission the next day was not possible and practicable,” he said.

“To some extent, it seems as if it is being done just for the sake of doing it. Drafting the statute alone is not adequate, it must comply with the necessary procedures as well,” said Paudel.

He said that they must not avoid methodology and process in the name of fast-track. He said that they needed to comply with the people’s sentiments in the constitution.

All the feedback collected from abroad and back home should be incorporated, he said. Constitutional Consensus Committee will change the draft as per the people’s feedback. He, however, did not comment about Hindu state.