Fewer students attending Siraha school

Siraha, December 12

Just 20 students of Janata Basic School attended classes though the school record showed enrolment of 176 students at Nagarha Rural Municipality in Siraha.

Guardians attributed the low attendance to irregular teaching-learning activities in the school. Moreover, the head teacher also did not attend the school regularly. The school runs classes up to Grade IV.

Local Ram Babu Yadav said guardians did not force their wards to go to school as the school lacked good learning environment and care, among others. “How can children learn when the head teacher remains absent for two to three days a week,” he added.

According to the school register, there are 41 students in Grade I; 58 in Grade II; 35 in Grade III and 42 in Grade IV.

Parents said they found children playing on the ground and teachers basking in the sun when they reached the school today. Lalita Yadav, a guardian, said her children were not doing well in studies. “How can education in the school improve if the head teacher himself does not come to school?” she questioned.

Another guardian, Ram Dulari Yadav, said the school did not care for their children. “Some of the students reach home at 12:00 noon while some reached at 01:00pm. The school is not paying proper attention to students,” she added. She said the school administration was not serious about students’ education needs and their future.

School teachers complained of poor management of drinking water in the school. “The students, who went to drink water to a nearby village during break time, did not return and it was difficult to bring students back to school,” they added.

Meanwhile, head teacher Ram Kumari Yadav, said most of the students belonged to the Dalit community and did not attend school on a regular basis. She explained that many students enrolled here had enrolled in other schools as well. She said parents and guardians did not compel children to attend school regularly though the school administration urged them to do so.

The head teacher was absent when the reporter of this daily reached the school. Regarding her absence, the head teacher said she had to attend to some urgent task. Teachers were also unaware about her presence in the school. The head teacher is the sister of former Information and Communications minister Raj Kishwor Yadav.

School management committee Chairman Raj Dev Yadav said he had repeatedly requested the head teacher to reach school on time, but in vain. “Problems occurred after the head teacher could not give time to the school,” he added. He informed he could not give time to the school and that he was not responsible for the school. “The head teacher made me the chairman forcibly even though I was not interested,” he informed.

Dev Shankar Yadav of Education Department at Nahara Rural Municipality said, “I have just joined the office and do not know the history of the school, but I have seen less number of students in the school.” He added that he plans to offer better facilities considering the low student attendance in the school. There are three quota for teachers, including head teacher and one office attendant, in the school.