Fifth day of Panta family's sit-in protest; four more DNA test reports submitted

DHANGADHI: Today marks the fifth day since parents of 13-year-old Nirmala Panta, who was raped and murdered almost four months ago, went on a sit-in protest demanding justice for their daughter.

The civil-struggle committee of the district has supported Nirmala’s parents. According to Superintendent of Police at the District Police Office, Kuber Kadayat, human rights activists have also joined the Panta family in the ongoing protest.

The victim’s parents had recently announced that they would stage protests following the end of festive season.

Women’s rights activist Sharada Chand said that the sit-in could continue for an indefinite period for as long as the culprits are not found and booked. “The protests are being conducted in a bid to exert pressure on the government to look into the case seriously,” added Chand.

It has been almost four months since Nirmala was found murdered and raped at a sugarcane field in Kanchanpur.

The police have started investigating the locals after having failed to ‘produce’ a perpetrator even after a hundred and thirteen days.

Meanwhile, the DNA tests reports of four suspects have been submitted by National Forensic Science Laboratory to the Kanchanpur District Police Office.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Krishna Ojha accepted the report on behalf of Kanchanpur District Police Office.

DSP Ojha said that he would reach Kanchanpur on Thursday evening and the report would be handed over to the District Police Chief on Friday.

The names of the four suspects have not been made public.