Filthy water lands flood-hit in sick bed

Dadeldhura, October 12:

Flood victims in Dadeldhura have been forced to drink contaminated water after floods washed away sources of drinking water.

The victims from over a dozen villages have no option but to depend on rivulets and streams for the supply of drinking water.

Some 700 families from Alital, Shrisha and Jogbudha VDCs in the inner Tarai region of the district have been fetching water from Rangoon and Mahakali rivers after walking for miles.

Sixty families of the inner Tarai region have been completely displaced while 600 families have been affected by the floods, the District Administration Office said.

Consumption of contaminated water has rendered scores of people ill. They have been suffering from fever, typhoid, pneumonia, cold, cough and diarrhoea, the District Health Office said.