Final preparations for constitution amendment: Minister Paudel

BABIYACHAUR:Minister for Education Dhaniram Paudel today said the government was making final preparations for registering the constitution amendment proposal.

At a press conference held by Press Centre Nepal Myagdi District Chapter at Beni this morning, Minister Paudel shared his opinion that the amendment proposal would help create an environment for holding elections at the local, provincial and central levels.

Minister Paudel elaborated further that efforts were underway to hold agreements on amendment with Madhes-centric parties, the ruling coalition, opposition and the civil society before the Chhath festival.

The government is pressing for creating an environment in tandem with constitution amendment, Election Commission's preparations, formulation of the election related laws, delineation of the local level border along with the commitment of the political parties taking part in the election, he added.

The Minister shared that the formulation of the regulations for enacting the Education Act was in the final stage and that preparations were being made for formation of an education commission and the process for management of teachers with temporary official status.

Minister Paudel also expressed hope for support from the civil society and the concerned stakeholders for implementing the provision barring the teachers from holding position in political parties' working committees.