Financial boost for conservation NGOs

Kathmandu, December 11:

Five NGOs working on conservation issues in eastern Nepal received funds of total US$ 219,000 through Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF), an initiative that funds conservation organisations around the world contributing towards conservation of biodiversity in key areas.

Shree Deep Jyoti Youth Club, an Ilam-based NGO, received $ 40,800 for the conservation of a key plant species in the Kanchenjunga-Singalila area. Similarly, Kanchenjunga Landscape Concern Group received $ 43,300 for its two-year project to establish community-based anti-poaching networks, while $ 60,900 was awarded to the Red Panda Network for the promotion of local stewardship of community forest users for red panda conservation, stated a release issued by the WWF Nepal today.

The other two NGOs receiving the fundings were The East Foundation to help identify major issues on red panda conservation, and The Mountain Institute which received a sum of

$ 70,000 for promoting coordinated community-based conservation in the transboundary region of the Kanchenjunga-Singalila complex.

This is the second time CEPF has granted substantial funds in Nepal- five NGOs were granted $315,000 in 2006, according to the release.

“These grants have helped to increase the capacity of local conservation NGOs”, stated the release quoting Ang Phuri Sherpa, National Coordinator of CEPF for Nepal.

In the Eastern Himalayan region, WWF leads the regional team responsible for facilitating, coordinating and monitoring grants for CEPF supported conservation projects.