First post-Feb 1 habeas corpus writ filed in SC

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, February 8:

The Supreme Court today accepted the first habeas corpus writ petition after the royal proclamation on February 1, imposition of state of emergency and suspension of citizens’ rights guaranteed by the 1990 Constitution.

The apex court today registered the habeas corpus petition filed by Nepal Bar Association president Shambhu Thapa yesterday seeking release of former chief of the NBA, Sindhu Nath Pyakurel. The apex court has scheduled the case hearing for tomorrow. Pyakurel was arrested some days ago from Kathmandu. The defendants of the petition are the Cabinet Secretariat, Ministries of Home and Defence, Headquarters of Royal Nepalese Army, Nepal Police, and the Armed Police Force, and the Kathmandu District Administration Office.

The petitioner has claimed that Pyakurel has been detained in the APF headquarters Halchowk.

The petitioner has claimed that Pykurel’s rights guaranteed by the Articles 11, 12(1), and 14(4),(5),(5) of the Constitution have been violated and has sought the apex court order to the authorities to produce Pyakurel before the apex court for further hearing.