First statute amendment, then elections: Thakur

Birgunj, April 3

Tarai Madhes Democratic Party Chairperson Mahantha Thakur today argued that they would not accept any election held prior to constitution amendment.

Speaking at his party’s function today at Prasauni of Bara, Thakur accused the government of trying to hold elections forcefully. “If the government tries

to hold the elections with the backing of arms and ammunition, the people from Madhes region will protest strongly,” said Thakur.  “Madhes-based Nepali Congress and CPN-UML leaders raise the issues of the Madhesi people only while canvassing for votes. Otherwise, they remain mum the rest of the time. They have double standards, and this works against the will of the Madhesi community,” said Thakur.

He clarified that they hadn’t forges any consensus with the government. He accused the ruling parties of being more concerned about their longevity in the government than the issue of statute amendment.

General Secretary of Tarai Madhes Democratic Party Jitendra Sonal accused the big three forces of being apathetic towards the identity and rights of the people of Madhes.