First woman tempo driver set to drive Jet-warz

Suryaprakash Kandel

Narayangadh, February 9:

Sumitra Dangal, who was once highlighted as the first woman tempo driver in the country, now desires to drive the Jet-warz, a vehicle, a kind of motor boat.

She said that as she has got experience of driving all kinds of land vehicles, she wants to do something new by driving the Jet-warz.

She has got driving licences for both light and heavy vehicles. Apart from this, she has even driven a train in Janakpur-Jayanagar, the only railway line in the country after taking one-month training of rail driving.

She can drive light vehicles like jeep, car, motorcycles and tempo and also heavy vehicles like bus, truck and trolley bus.

After driving different kind of vehicles in the capital, Sumitra has now gone to Chitwan with the purpose of driving the new vehicle.

“My interest to drive the new vehicle drew me to Chitwan,” Sumitra said, adding that after one-month’s training, she would be able to drive the Jet-warz.

After receiving permission from the local authority, she is taking the training for driving Jet-warz with part financial assistance from donors.

Born at Lafadi of Topgachhi in Jhapa district, Sumitra is a graduate in both law and humanities.

“Actually, I wanted to join the police force. I had also applied for the post of police inspector six years ago but I gave up after learning that it was not possible without patronage. I started driving a tempo,” said she. After driving for sometime, she started teaching driving in the capital, she added.

Currently, Sumitra is training under Briksha Singh Danwar, the only driver of Jet-warz in Nepal. She has been taking the training in Narayani River for last weeks. Admitting it was a tough exercise, she also said she felt that it might take her more than a month to complete the training.

Sumitra is staying at Bharatpur municipality guest house for free while learning to drive the Jet-warz. “I had never thought of being driver in my life but now I am happy with this profession,” she said adding she had been thrilled to drive a trolley bus three years ago when she had just gotten married.