Fish farmers in Parsa at receiving end of Tarai agitation

Birgunj, December 22

Fish farmers of Parsa have been hit hard due to the protracted Madhes agitation.

A total of 865 farmers in the district are involved in commercial fish farming in 1,060 fish ponds that occupy an area of 140 hectare.

However as the agitation persists, the farmers fear loss of investment as they have failed to sell fish due to disruption of transportation.

“The agitation has brought transportation services to a grinding halt and we are unable to send our produce to the markets,” said farmer Hemanta Chaudnary of Belwa village, adding that local fish farmers were incurring loss in millions due to the protracted agitation.

District Agriculture Office said of the 1,700 metric tonnes fishe produced in the district, 450 tonnes is exported to other districts. “In normal times, we would send fish to Kathmandu, Chitwan and Pokhara, where our produce would fetch up to Rs 400 per kg.

But now that transportation has halted, we’re doomed to sell fish at dirt cheap prices in the local markets rather than keepg them in the pond and feed them expensive food,” said another farmer.

Meanwhile, farmers have urged the agitating side to facilitate transportation of their produce to the markets.