Five fuel stations face music for cheating

Pokhara, July 28

Fuel stations in Pokhara have been found to be swindling consumers.

This came to light after a team deployed from Quality and Measurement Department found petrol stations selling less petrol and diesel than mentioned in the reading on the meter.

When the team from Quality and Measurement monitored five fuel stations, they were found to be distributing less petrol and diesel than what consumers were supposed to be receiving.

Rakesh Kumar Jha of the department said the team found three pumps selling diesel in less quantity for the paid amount. Jha said that his office has stopped three pumps from selling fuel for a week.

Kaski Assistant CDO Chandrakant Gautam said that Pancharatna Oil Stores at Bus Park, Baral Oil Distributors of Masbar and Kamala Oil Stores of Naghdhunga had opened after a week’s closure.

In the sale of five litres of fuel, the volume can fluctuate from 15 to 30 millilitres. The pumps, however, were caught distributing less quantity of fuel than the fluctuation gauge set.

Aam Petroleum Traders at Chauthe and Gandaki Petroleum Company at Amarsingh Chowk have pulled down their shutters.

Manoj Pokhrel, chief at Quality and Measurement Office, Pokhara, said their team had found far less fuel in ten-litres of fuel than the set standard fluctuation point.

Pokhrel said the two pumps would stay closed for up to two months. “There can be slight fluctuation in volume of the petroleum product. But fuel stations face the music when the change rate crosses the limit,” Pokhrel added.

Pokhrel pledged to carry out regular inspection of fuel stations. He warned they would be shut permanently if they violated the rule three times.