Five health workers injured in Birgunj demonstration

BIRGUNJ: Tension ran high at the Parsa District Public Health Office in Birgunj on Wednesday after police lathi-charged protesting health workers.

Five persons were reported to be injured in the incident.

More than 80 health assistants working at various health posts in the district were staging a demonstration in front of the DPHO demanding the implementation of the government's decision to appoint the health assistants of 5th, 6th and 7th grades as chiefs of health posts in the district.

The demonstration had begun around 25 days ago.

However, the DPHO was adamant against implementing the decision under the pressure of some senior employees, the agitators claimed.

According to Health Assistants Association member Shiva Mandal, police had brutally attacked them during a peaceful demonstration this morning.

The injured are undergoing treatment at the Birgunj-based Narayani Regional Hospital, added Mandal.

Earlier, it was reported that a meeting was held in presence of Mohammad Daud, Director at the Primary Health Care Revitalisation Division under the Department of Health Services, and the DPHO Chief Raj Kishor Pandit had assured the protestors of addressing their demands today.