Flood affects hundreds in Mahottari

MAHOTTARI: Hundreds of families in the southern parts of Mahottari are on the verge of displacement due to the Ratu River flood triggered by torrential rain.

Local residents of Nainhi, Suriyahi and Malibara VDCs and Jaleshwor and Bhittamod municipalities are living amid impending danger due to the breaching of the western embankment in Jabauli by the river waters.

The Water Induced Disaster Control Division Office Janakpur had contracted Dipendra Thakur for the construction of embankments to control erosion and flood. However, more than Rs 3 million has been frozen as the work could not be carried out. The families alleged that the irregularities by the employees of the WIDCDO and contractor were putting their lives in peril.

According to a source, even the officials of the District Development Committee and administrative officials are involved in the irregularities.

A budget of around Rs 9 million had been allocated for flood control in the Ratu River. The project has yet to bee completed.

"Works to construct embankments in the region started only last year," Sri Narayan Jha of the Bhadai area said. The residents of Mahottari have been hit hard due to floods caused by torrential rain almost every year.

Meanwhile, CDO Sagarmani Parajuli, who is also the chairman of the district's natural disaster rescue committee, necessary precautions have been taken to prevent the damage on properties and lives from the possible danger of flood.