Flood damages hydropower projects, bridge


Flooded Feme rivulet, which flows through Fidim Municipality, has caused damages in multiple areas. The monsoon-rain triggered flood in the rivulet has risked the bridge over the Feme rivulet, on Fidim-Falot road. Perpetual erosion of land in the western part has rendered the 25-metre-long bridge vulnerable.

Flood has swept away over half portion of the land across the main pillar increasing the risk to the bridge infrastructure.

Likewise, landslides caused by the flood-fed rivulet around the bridge and at Fidim Municipality-1 and Malbanse have obstructed the Fidim-Falot road section.

The municipality has been trying to clear the landslide debris from the road.

Landslide at Fidim-7 has halted traffic along the Fidim-Ranitar-Lungrupa road section. The municipality and locals are putting their efforts to resume the traffic operation.

The flood-fed Feme rivulet has also damaged three micro-hydro projects at Fidim. The power generation from the projects has come to a halt with the flood sweeping away the projects’ pipelines.

Continuous floods have caused damages to Feme rivulet micro-hydropower project and other two projects of BK hydropower, said chief of the District Police Office Panchthar, DSP Siddharaj Neupane.