Chitwan, August 17:

Incessant rains and floods have displaced over 200 households and affected hundreds of people in different districts. Flood swept away a child in Bara district today, a report said.

A middle-aged person, swept away by Kayerkhola, was found dead near the Basu Memorial Brigade in eastern Chitwan today, police said. Floods swept away four houses at Dhubra of Jagatpur VDC and three houses at Kathara today.

Floods in the Rapti river have inundated over 5,000 houses in Kathara, Kumroj, Khairahani, Bachhali and Bhandara.

The swollen Riu khola today inundated a settlement of squatters at Bharatpur-12 and displaced 60 households. Floods have affected PLA camps under the PLA third divisions at Jutpani of Chitwan, spokesperson for the PLA’ third division Abiral said.

A report from Birgunj said that floods in Oriyakhola have inundated a dozen

villages. Seven persons were injured today when the flooded stream caused the collapse of a house in Parsa district. Ajaya Shah and Sanjaya Shah of Lahawar Thakari-2 were injured when incessant rains caused the collapse of a house today.

The flooded Sikta river caused the displacement of a police post at Budgai and the collapse of houses belonging to Dhanilal Pandit and Yogendra Shah Teli.

Hundreds of bighas of land at Jayamangalapur, Bhikhampur, Janakitola, Sibarwa, Langadi, Biswa, Sikta, Lahawartharkari and Tulsibarwa villages has been swamped due to the floods.

Due to the floods and incessant rains, the road links between Birgunj, the district headquarters of Parsa, and rural areas has been severed. Floods caused displacement of 31 households at Nagawa and Inarwatole, police said.

A report from Bara district said that in Mathurapuri village, the flooded Bagari river swept away a two-year-old child Santosh Mahara. The child is missing, police said.

A report from Saptari said that incessant rains have flooded dozens of VDCs in the district. Over 300 flood victims have been taking shelter in schools, roads and banks of canals after floodwater entered their houses.

Sakarapura VDC of Saptari was inundated today as the flooded Khando river gushed into the VDC, a local Ugrakant Jha said. Floods in Balankhola have caused displacement of 60 households at Nawahabelhi VDC. Floods in the Jeeta river inundated Dhikulitole of Bathnaha VDC. A report from Rautahat district said flood in the Bagmati river affected 10 houses at Madanpur VDC-3 and caused displacement of hundreds of locals today. The displaced are taking shelter in schools and houses of relatives.

Road links between Gaur, the district headquarters of Rautahat, and rural areas have been severed due to floods in Bagmati, Lalbaiya, Jhang, Aruwa and Chandikhola. Floods have eroded 70 bighas of land at Saruatha, Rajpur, Tulsi and Mithuawa and displaced 40 households living in the banks of the river.

Floods inundated different wards of Gaidakot VDC in Nawalparasi district. A report from Gaighat said that incessant rains have brought traffic to a halt at the Gaighat-Phattepur road.

Five days of incessant rains have inundated different wards of Jaleshwor municipality, a report from Mahottari district said. Traffic has been disrupted due to waterlogging in most of the roads.

Flood-hit in Banke seek safe haven

Himalayan News Service

Holiya (Banke), August 17: Flooding in the Rapti river has left residents of Holiya VDC in Banke district in a pitiable state. More than food and clothes, it is the problem of displacing to safer places that is haunting them.

Ramgopal Yadav of Chhitaipurwa in Holiya VDC-6 said, “I am stranded in every way. The flood swept away my belongings and all my food grain. I have no solution to these problems.” He added that residents of the VDC feared that the river would sweep them away any time.

Dulare Radhey, 80, said the locals have been facing floods for a few days, adding he had never seen such a severe flood.

Shyamlal Maurya of Simarhana in Holiya-5 appealed to the government to shift them to a safer place. “What is the point of giving us help in measly quantities? The main issue is to shift us to a safer place. Where will we go if the river water enters our dwellings all of a sudden?”

Maurya complained that the VDC residents went repeatedly to the district administration office and pleaded with the CDO to arrange for their shifting to a safer place, but to no avail. “Twenty-two days after our travails began we got a little relief. Does it mean anything more than a pea in the mouth of an elephant?” said a local of Chhitaipurwa, Kanhiaya Lal Yadav, adding he had no idea how he will feed his children.

Santosh Kumar Maurya of the district Red Cross said rains had caused flooding in the Rapti

river. Erosion is occurring at an alarming rate, he said, adding that wards 5 and 6 of Holiya VDC, Tepra, Simarhana and Chhitaipurwa are at immense risk.