Flood victims in Bajura left without shelter

Bajura, June 5

A sudden flood in Khahare Khola after heavy rainfall on May 24 has displaced families of Kawadi Bazaar, Rugin VDC, Bajura.

Two people lost their lives and seven others were injured and millions worth property was destroyed. Of the 102 houses that were damaged, 16 of them were completely destroyed.

Assistant Chief District Officer Bhim Bahadur Shahi said Kawadi Bazaar area was still at high risk of flood and the victims needed to be resettled somewhere safe. “The flood swept away granaries and now the locals are starving in the worst-hit areas,” he said.

Victims whose houses were completely destroyed have been forced to live in the open. Man Budthapa, a victim, said that people whose houses were partially damaged have also been taking shelter in safer places.

“We have no alternative but to live in tents provided by the Red Cross,” Budthapa said.

The flood also swept away drinking water pipes, resulting in an acute water crisis. “Victims are compelled to drink polluted river water,” he said.

Another victim Chhakalal Bohora said that the flood had also destroyed paddy fields and irrigation canals. He said that locals had suffered a long drought earlier this year, and now they are terrified due to the flood.

A team led by Shahi reached the affected area and distributed Rs 40,000 to each family of those killed in the flood as relief. The team also provided Rs 5,000 and 14 kg rice to victims whose houses were partially damaged.