Floods hit Rautahat folks

RAUTAHAT: At least 150 houses have been affected in the district as Bagmati, Jhah and Lalbakaiya rivers began eroding large tracts of lands following incessant rainfall.

Local Babulal Yadav informed that the rivers inundated the village destroying crops, clothes and other properties. Taking to The Himalayan Times, Yadav said, ‘’We have urged the CDO to take urgent measures to control the flood, lest the entire village would be under water.’’

In Ward no one and two of Fatuha Harsaha VDC, local residents are scared to death

as the river is swollen and threatening to overflow. Local Rambiswas Yadav informed that

people of two wards would be displaced if measures are not taken immediately to stop the river from overflowing.

Meanwhile, swollen Jhah River is also eroding the hundreds bighas of arable land in Pancharukhi, Saruatha, Rajpurtulsi, Jetshrahiya, and Jayanagar areas.

Similarly, Bagmati River has already inundated Ward-6, 7 and 8 of Gamariyaparsa VDC as the incessant rainfall continues.

Local Chandreshwor Shah lamented that his entire food-stuff has been destroyed as

the flood entered his house.

Shah said the water level in his house was more than two-feet high. He demanded early rescue and relief measures as the lives

of locals had been traumatised

by the flood.

Meanwhile, local of Matsari ward no-3 Nityananda Jha informed that a dam built nearby is about to collapse as the gushing water started breaking open

one of the spurs of the dam. He warned that it would cause a deadly havoc for the residentsif the authorities did not start working round the clock to repair the spur.

Locals claim that the authority had not paid enough attention despite the fact that the Bagmati River had been eroding the

dams at Badarwa, Rajdevi, Mudabalawa and Bramhapuri VDCs for quite some time.

However, Chief District Officer Dr Kamaleshwor Kumar Shina said that efforts were on foot

to rescue and prevent further damages.