Food shortage in wake of Koshi fury

Rajpiraj, October 3:

Children of Dalits, displaced by the Koshi flood fury, have been suffering from malnutrition, according to the report of a survey.

The survey was conducted by the UNICEF and the Concern World. The organisations surveyed the condition of the displaced children and nutrition status of lactating mothers living near the eastern embankment.

Musahar children of Sripur and Haripur sheltering in Camp I are severely malnourished.

Out of 2,871 surveyed children, 2,509 were normal, 304 were less malnourished, while the remaining 58 were seriously malnourished.

The UNICEF and the Concern World have been making preparations to feed nutritious food to the malnourished children, said Chandra Dev Mehata, senior public health administrator.

It is learnt that the Concern Word has been feeding nutritious porridge and lito (a nutritious dish made from the flour by mixing and grinding grains and rice pudding) to children and lactating mothers two times a day.