Foreign jobs blamed for increasing divorce rates

Dhankuta, October 2

Foreign employment has led to the rise of divorce cases in Dhankuta. Of the divorce cases registered at the Dhankuta District Court, majority of them are attributed to foreign employment.

Of the 396 cases registered last year at the district court, 112 were related to divorce. According to the court, most of the divorce cases are filed by women whose husbands have left abroad for jobs and those women who have returned home from foreign employment.

As many as 87 divorce cases registered last year have been settled. Twenty-five divorce cases are still pending at the court. District Judge Kishor Ghimire at the court said most of the divorce cases were filed by men or women with one or two children.

According to Ghimire, they are having a hard time settling the cases as they are of multiple natures. Females can file the divorce case directly to court while males can move to the court only after reconciliation efforts fail.

As per the Muluki Ain, a wife and a husband must have lived three years separately to be eligible to file for divorce. “If males are allowed to file divorce case directly, divorce cases will soar,” said Ghimire.

As many as 68 divorce cases were registered at the court the previous year. Of the 396 cases filed last fiscal, 254 have been settled. With rising divorce cases, property cases gone up too, said Saurab Koirala, a staffer at the court.