Four parties present statute concept at CC

Kathmandu, March 31:

Four political parties — NC, Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP), RPP-Nepal and CPN-ML — presented their concept on the new constitution at the meeting of the constitutional committee of the Constituent Assembly here today.

Presenting his party’s concept, NC president Girija Prasad Koirala claimed that presidential system was not appropriate in present context. “We are for prime minister with executive power and constitutional president as the head of the state,” he said. The NC has advocated bi-cameral parliament at the centre and unicameral parliament in the provinces.

The RPP has advocated Westminster model of parliamentary democracy. Like the NC, the RPP has proposed executive power for prime minister. RPP is also for bi-cameral parliament at the centre and unicameral one in the provinces. It has also suggested forming three-tier judiciary — Supreme Court at the centre, high courts in provinces and local courts. Rule of law, multi-party democracy, complete press freedom and independent judiciary are some of the issues raised by the RPP.

The CPN-ML has also batted for the prime ministerial system with president enjoying nominal power. However, the party has suggested direct election for prime minister.

RPP-Nepal has advocated constitutional monarchy and the declaration of Nepal as a Hindu state. “Monarchy is a symbol of national unity and Hindu state is the identity of the nation. This should be the preamble of the new constitution,” party president Kamal Thapa told this daily today. Thapa also suggested holding referendum to decide the fate of monarchy before adopting the new constitution.