Freed haliyas not listed in official records

Dadeldhura, December 23

Though seven years have passed after the government declared the emancipation of the haliya community, haliyas of Kailashmandau in Dadeldhura are still waiting to be listed in government data so that they can receive the government facilities they are entitled to.

More than 70 haliya families live in Rumael Village in Kailashmandau and they are yet to be listed in the official government record, according to Freed Haliya Society District Society Chairperson Tularam Sarki.

“After declaring us free, the government introduced a few programmes for us. However, the programmes are of no use as we were not accounted for when the data for official records was collected,” lamented Sarki.

Chairperson of the society Rajuram Bhul informed about attempts to include the erstwhile missed-out haliyas in the official list.

Thami Tamata of Rumael Village accused the state of leaving them in the lurch.

“Our fathers could work for their masters and at least eke out a living for their families, but what about us? We were declared free but deprived of the only means of livelihood without guaranteeing any alternative provision,” he said.

Tamata added saying, “The haliyas of this village are not included in any official record and consequently are unable to participate in various income-generating programmes that the government is launching.

Our children have also been deprived of the free education promised by the government.”