Freed Kamaiyas, govt talks inconclusive

Kathmandu, July 23:

Talks between representatives of freed Kamaiyas and the government ended inconclusively today.

The two sides will, however, sit down for another round of dialogue tomorrow. During the talks, Minister for Land Reforms and Management Jagat Bahadur Bogati refused to set a time frame to address the demands of the freed Kamaiyas.

During talks with the representatives of the freed Kamaiyas in the morning, Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala had promised that the issue of rehabilitating the community would be settled within the next three months.

Dilli Chaudhary, who is heading the agitation of the freed Kamaiyas, said their movement, as well as the talks, will continue.

“We were in for a rude shock when the minister (Bogati) refused to set a time frame. In the morning, the Prime Minister had agreed to sort out our problem within the next three months,” Chaudhari told The Himalayan Times.

The talks in the morning with the Prime Minister were attended by 12 representatives of the freed kamaiyas, the minister and Secretary Chabi Raj Pant, who was once a coordinator of the Freed Kamaiya Rehabilitation Committee.