RAMECHHAP: Incessant landslips have led to migration from areas that have sustained ruptures and cracks due to the April 25 earthquake at different VDCs in the northern part of Ramechhap. Residents from Gumdel, Bamti, Those and Chuchure VDCs have started deserting their homes after mudslides started hitting the VDCs repeatedly. In the wake of the earthquake, people in the northern areas had stayed home despite the dry landslides. However, after mud and boulders started falling due to the rains, rural folks have started quitting their settlements. Settlements at Wards No 7, 8 and 9 of Gumdel have turned into deserted areas. Temba Sherpa, a local, said that residents from Gumdel had shifted to safer places of the VDC and Chaulankharka of Solukhumbu. Ram Bahadur Karki, a teacher at Jadibuti Lower Secondary School of Gumdel said people from Jyamde, Pekarnas, Koram, Geche, Kedare and Thadokhola of Gumdel had migrated to safer places in Gumdel and Solukhumbu. Frequent landslides in most wards of Gumdel have made people’s movement risky and troublesome, said Nima Sherpa, another local. Gumdel VDC Secretary Ganesh Thapa remarked that continuous landslips had made people’s movement risky. He informed that people from some wards in the VDC had moved to safer places. Nine families from Jyamde, 30 from Pekarnas, 15 from Koram, nine from Gaicho, seven from Kodare, and 20 from Thadokhola have migrated to safer places. Locals bemoan that local authorities are showing apathy to their plight. More than 50 families from VDCs in the north are at risk of landslips. DAO had sent a letter to the Home Ministry to relocate these families to safer places two months ago. After no response came, locals started migrating on their own. According to District Disaster Rescue Committee, more than 100 villages of various VDCs in the district are in peril due to mudslide.