Fringe parties protest seats’ division

Kathmandu, January 13:

Representatives of small parties today said they would continue their protest against the “feudal” characteristics of the major political parties.

“We know that the political change of April last year was only a temporary change, which cannot give a solution to present problems the country is facing. It is obvious our struggle for egalitarian society will continue,” said Nawaraj Subedi, the general secretary of Jana Morcha Nepal.

After Nepali people were freed from one slavery, they happened to fall in another slavery, that of the feudal leaders of all major parties, he said.

According to him, the recent decision of the major parties of the Seven-Party Alliance on the division of 48 seats has made the institution of the parliament crippled.

He said his faction of Jana Morcha had played key role in mobilising people for the Jana Andolan II, but the leaders of the SPA now refuse to listen to the authentic voice of the party.

Dila Ram Acharya, a lawmaker from Jana Morcha Nepal, said that since every body knows that his party is now divided into three factions now, the alliance should give justice to all the faction if they cannot distinguish bigger or authentic one. “There must be a clear criteria to find out the ‘height’ of a faction and the seats should be allocated accordingly,” he demanded, adding, “otherwise, a struggle of another cycle will follow”. Jagat Bahadur Bogati of CPN-ML said that the parties split because of deviation of doctrine in one leader or anther.

“When parties split, the cadres and the voters have to suffer. The seat division for the fringe parties are definitely inventing more problems and the alliance will be responsible to solve them,” he said.