FSF-N chair threatens to launch protest

Siraha, January 19

Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal Chairman and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health Upendra Yadav today threatened to launch protests if constitution was not amended to guarantee the rights and identity of the Madhesi people.

Addressing a programme organised by Province 2 government in Lahan, Yadav made it clear that his party had joined the government on condition that the constitution would be amended. “If the constitution is not amended, we shall launch a revolt,” Yadav warned. Yadav claimed that the Madhes agitation had changed the system of governance in the country. “Jhapa revolt, Nepali Congress’ revolt, and Maoist insurgency just changed the government. But, Madhes agitation changed the entire political system,” Yadav added.

Yadav accused the Nepali Congress and Nepal Communist Party (NCP) of acting against the spirit of federalism. “NC and NCP are still against the federal system of governance,” he claimed. Yadav said that Madhes-based parties had been able to form a government in Province 2 due to the Madhesh agitation. “This is just a beginning. We need to do more,” he stated.

Yadav argued that the martyrs killed in Madhesh would receive true tribute only after the province got autonomy after constitution amendment.  He stressed the need to launch a campaign to end poverty, joblessness, and usher in prosperity and development in the province. “The province government has to focus on use of available resources to make the province prosperous and rich,” he added.

At the programme, Province 2 Chief Minister Lalbabu Raut accused the federal government of conspiring to fail the province government by curtailing its rights. “We will not keep mum  if our rights are curtailed,” Raut warned.