Fun Park to operate through tender process

Chitwan, November 15

The organiser of Chitwan Festival has finally scrapped the controversial fun park contract.

The Himalayan Times, in its November 14 edition had carried news about a contract struck by skirting the tender process.

Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Chitwan on June 23 had struck a contract with Rajdhani Amusment Rights Nepal of Kathmandu allowing it to run a fun park during the festival due to start from January 9, next year, for which the company would pay 2.2 million rupees.

The decision of the CCI to select a so-and-so company at its whim by avoiding due process had drawn public outcry when the news broke out amidst reservations of co-sponsors and local administration over the selection procedure.

Protest against the decision had been vocal, particularly as other companies said they were ready to pay as much as Rs 5 million to buy the rights to run amusement-related activities during the festival, which also gave way to speculations of foul play.