Fund for rehabilitation of Haliyas

Bajura, May 9

The government has allocated Rs 64.5 million for the rehabilitation of freed Haliyas in Bajura district.

The Ministry of Land Reform and Management has sent the amount to District Land Revenue Office, Bajura.

The amount will be distributed among the Haliyas to enable them to purchase land and construct houses.

The government has allocated Rs 325,000 each to 20 ‘category A’ Haliya families for house construction, while Rs 200,000 each has been allocated to 20 ‘category A’ Haliya families for purchase of land.

Similarly, the government has allocated Rs 54 million to 432 ‘category D’ freed Haliya families for house repairs. Each ‘category D’ family is entitled to Rs 150,000 for house repairs.

Secretary of the Freed Haliya Rehabilitation Hiralal Giri said the first instalment of the amount was handed over to the families concerned.

According to statistics with the government, there are 1,644 freed Haliya families living in Bajura. But the administration has verified only 1,311.