Gajurel threatens of protests

Kathmandu, August 21:

CPN Maoist leader CP Gajurel said today that the Maoists would launch a movement that will decide the fate of Constituent Assembly polls if the government failed to fulfill their demands.

Addressing an interaction here today, CPN-Maoist central committee member CP Gajurel said that his party does not favour a CA election that will not solve the burning problems facing the nation. “CA polls are not a periodic election, therefore, we cannot ignore the voices of majority of the people, who are demanding a full proportional election system,” he said.

We had agreed with the mixed election system for the CA polls that was scheduled for mid-June and now there is a new schedule and many groups including the people in the Tarai are demanding a full proportional election system, he said.

“All the political parties are talking about a republican set-up and that is the people’s mandate, but why are the parties not keen on declaring a republic? Are we demanding something that cannot be fulfiled?” he asked.

Replying to the journalists’ queries, Gajurel said his party would take action if their peaceful protest programmes were suppressed. He said the Nepali Congress, as the leader of the eight party alliance, should be held responsible should the CA polls not be held on scheduled time.

Leaders of other parties, however, said that the Maoist activities would disrupt CA polls.

Gopal Man Shrestha of Nepali Congress (Democratic) said the parties and the people have understood that the Maoists have not changed their conduct and this would certainly disrupt the CA election process.

“This unchanged behaviour might be the outcome of a defeated mentality,” he said, adding that the Maoist’s announcement of protest has terrorised people.

Yubaraj Gyawali of CPN UML said his party is against any activity that affects CA polls in any way. “A republican system must be established and the CA polls must be held on scheduled time,” he said. Amik Sherchan of Janamorcha Nepal said the peoples’ action should not affect CA polls.