Gandaki Medical College tense after patient dies during treatment

POKHARA: The Gandaki Medical College remained tense after relatives of a patient, who died after cesarean, protested against hospital negligence, on Friday.

Relatives have claimed that Geeta Aryal (19) of Arjun Chaupari in Syanjga district died, after six days of operation, due to doctors negligence.

However, a child is said to be in good shape.

One of the relatives Rajan Aryal said Geetal lost her life because of sheer negligence off doctors and demanded stern actions as per existing laws against the culprits.

A team headed by Dr. Tika Gurung had performed cesarean on Geeta Aryal on Saturday. After surgery patient had difficulty in breathing, more than 40 percent of water deposited into her lungs.

Hospital sources have said that Dr. Tika Gurung graduated from Philippines.

Hospital's Gynecologist Dr. Chandika Pandit said patient succumbed to high dose medications after doctors failed to diagnosis source of fever while being treated at the Intensive Care Unit in the hospital.

Meanwhile, relatives have declined to accept the body unless the truth behind her demise is revealed.

The infuriated relatives have also pad locked the Medical College on Friday.