Gandaki Province govt committed to creating investment-friendly space

Pokhara, December 2

Gandaki Province Chief Minister Prithvi Subba Gurung expressed his government’s commitment to creating an investment-friendly environment in the province.

“Let alone bringing foreign investment in the country, we can’t even retain existing foreign investment if we fail to create an investment-friendly atmosphere. So there is no option to doing what it takes to managing investment-friendly environment in the province,” said the CM during the inauguration of the central office of Green Development Bank in Pokhara today.

The chief minister, however, rued the existing hassles and red tape for investors desiring to invest in the country.

“We’ve a very difficult process to procure land and get the environment impact assessment done to initiate a development project or anything new,” he said.

“Let alone the private sector, even the provincial government hasn’t got the land it requires,” he said, also admitting that the hurdles faced by foreign investors in taking returns of their investment back to their country.

Chief Minister Gurung stressed that banks and financial institutions should focus their investment on production and productive sectors.

Nepal Rastra Bank Pokhara Director Dilliram Poudel also spoke on the occasion.