Garbage woes plague human settlements in Udayapur district

Gaighat, February 26

Human settlements on the banks of the Triyuga River and its surroundings have been facing problems after the garbage produced in Gaighat Municipality, Udayapur, was dumped in the river haphazardly.

Triyuga Municipality has been dumping garbage collected from the bazaar area in the river and its surroundings for the last two decades due to lack of landfill site. Residents in the area have now started showing their worries about possible epidemic outbreak.

The municipality dumps garbage loaded in more than six tractors near the human settlements on a daily basis.

Local social worker Radha Krishna Timilsina said the municipality did not heed their frequent pleas to manage the garbage in a systematic way. “The municipality mayor frequently assured locals that the garbage would be managed, but did nothing towards this end till date,” he said.

Chief at the department of revenue in the municipality Guru Dhakal said the municipality had been searching for a proper place to construct a landfill site. “Construction of landfill site has not started due to lack of land in the municipality,” he added.

Dhakal said the process of constructing the landfill site was delayed also because of the apathy shown by the people’s representatives. “The issue of constructing the landfill site was raised in every council meeting, but no concrete decision was taken towards this end,” he said. He assured that the landfill site would be constructed within a year.