Gautam in New Delhi for treatment

New Delhi, March 10:

Doctors at Apollo Hospital here diagnosed Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Bam Dev Gautam with Bell’s Palsy, a medical condition that causes temporary paralysis of facial muscles, said his personal Physician Dr Kiran jung Kunwar.

Gautam who has been suffering from the condition on the left side of the face for last three weeks came to the Indian capital yesterday and underwent treatment the same day. He had a follow up appointment today.

Dr Kunwar, who is taking care of Gautam, said doctors had prescribed few medicines for Gautam and he would be normal in three weeks. Normally it takes four to six weeks to recover from Bell’s Palsy or facial nerve paralysis. “He is slowly and gradually improving,” Kunwar said. “Today we got his lab report. It shows that his kidney function has been fluctuating, but everything else is OK,” he said. Gautam’s personal assistant Khadanand Dhakal said the minister has been advised to continue with physiotherapy for next three weeks.

“Gautam’s Delhi visit is purely for medical reason. There is no political mission or a meeting,” said Dr Kunwar when asked if he was going to meet any political leader during his stay in New Delhi. The minister is staying at the Embassy of Nepal. Cultural consular at the embassy Uma Kant Parajuli said Gautam was trying to avoid talking to people as he was having severe pain in the face.