Gautam renews pledge to shut night bars

Kathmandu, October 2:

Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Bamdev Gautam’s pet peeve once again came to the fore today. He reiterated his pledge to shut late nigh operations of dance bars across the country.

He chose a cultural programme, jointly organised by Educational Counselling Association of Nepal and Republican Media Foundation, today to remind the audience of his moral policing task at hand.

“Cyber cabin owners have fallen in line with the government’s order. They have dismantled the cabins. But the dance bars have refused to toe the line. They have to be closed at any cost,” said the minister.

“Dance bars have a bad influence on adolescents, who frequent these haunts both as customers and employees. They indulge in sexual activities and consume alcohol through the night. The government needs to save the youths from moral degradation. Licentious behaviour

will not be allowed in the name of modernity,” Gautam explained.

The minister also took up the cudgel on behalf of customers and employees, accusing dance bar owners of “gross exploitation”.

The youths were also hauled up for misuse of cyber cafes.

Jagannath Khadiwada and Rajendra Baral — organisers of the event — handed over a cheque

of Rs 505,555 to the minister for flood-relief.

Khatiwada, an ex-MP and president, Republican Media Foundation, said while the nation prepared to celebrate the festivities, a large section has been suffering due to floods and landslides.

“We have organised the function to collect funds to alleviate the misery of the affected,” he said.

Earlier, a few days ago Gautam had directed the police administration to act tough on dance and bar restaurants. Following this, the police have intensified crack down on them.