Medical college construction in full swing

Dhangadi, December 27

Construction of Geta Medical College in Kailali, which started in 2016, is in full swing.

The first phase of the construction of the medical college, comprising two big hospitals, two colleges and two hostels had started two years ago.

The Infrastructure Construction Development Committee said the construction of six buildings was in the final stage. The committee added that around 65 per cent work on the hospital buildings was completed. Likewise, 60 per cent of physical development work of the college building and 40 per cent of the hostel buildings was completed.

Committee director Dr Hem Raj Pujara said that construction of almost all six buildings were about to be completed. He added that the buildings would be completed on time as the deadline of 30 months remained for the hospital and hostel and 24 months deadline remained for the college.

Infrastructure Construction Development Committee aims to operate the college from the fiscal 2020-21. The committee claimed that construction work of all infrastructure under the first phase would be completed by mid-July 2020.

The committee said around four billion rupees budget would be spent on construction work under the first phase.

The committee informed that around three billion rupees budget was invested for infrastructure construction till date.