Mahendranagar, June 21 :

The terror of a ghost, who seems to love concentrating on girls only, has had everyone’s hair on end since some days in Tribhuvan secondary school, Tilachaur, located in

Mahendranagar municipality-8.

Dozens of girl students in the school are falling prey to the ghost everyday. The ghost seems to have no use or time for haunting boys. Now, it has even begun targetting women. This morning, it did not spare even a school teacher, Usha Bhatta who felt her whole body trembling. Students said it is the ghost effect. According to them, those affected by the ghost feel tremors in the body and a feeling of the supernatural enveloping them. After taking possession of the victim, the ghost mumbles, “You have kept me away from water for a week, give me water.”

Local guardians said the school has been targetted by the ghost in the past, too. However, this time the number of victims is well over a dozen.