Girl who plotted cousin’s murder to cover up illicit relationship, kills self

Siraha, October 29

A teenage girl allegedly conspired with her male partner and murdered her cousin to cover the ‘illicit relationship’, at Karjanha of Siraha.

Priyanka Yadav, 16, allegedly plotted the murder of her cousin Bhabesh Yadav, fearing that the latter would reveal her illicit relationship with Sanjaya Yadav, 14, also from the same locality.

Siraha police made public both Priyanka and Sanjay at a press meet in Area Police Office, Mirchaiya, in the district, today.

Preliminary police investigation revealed that the duo plotted to finish Bhabesh off after he found them in a compromising position while grazing cattle and threatened to inform their kin on October 20.

Bhabesh’ body was recovered from a nearby forest in the evening on October 22. Priyanka herself had informed their kin that she saw the body while grazing cattle. The alleged duo confessed that they murdered Bhabesh after he threatened to make their act public.

Sanjaya, who was Bhabesh’ intimate classmate, lured him with firecrackers and a mobile set into going to the jungle and murdered him there in cold blood. He is said to have stabbed his friend with a khukuri in the back before cutting him into two. The duo later buried his head and torso separately so that it would be difficult for his kin to identify the body.

Chief of Area Police Office, Mirchaiya, DSP Gajusiddhi Bajracharya said police focused their probe on Sanjaya after his activities were found to be suspicious during interrogation. Earlier, Sanjaya, while recording his statement with the police, had said he had seen Bhabesh with an unknown person, to mislead the investigation. “We prepared the sketch of the person he described in his statement. But we came to know that it was all fake,” said DSP Bajracharya.

Both the perpetrators were detained for further investigation.


  • Priyanka commits suicide