Girl weighs 105 kg at 14

GAIGHAT: Fourteen-year-old Jenny Magar of Sisuwa in Thoksila VDC-7

has been gaining unusual weight. Jenny, the eldest daughter of

Lila Bahadur and Urmila

weighs 105 kg.

Fourth grader of Local Rakasni Primary School Jenny is 3.5 feet tall. She said that she could not play and walk with her friends due to her overweight. Father Lila Bahadur informed that jenny started gaining weight unusually after she reached 3 years of age. He said, “She also gradually

became dull.” The family members are unaware of her disease as they have not taken her for check up due to their poor economic condition.

The Magar family is concerned about their eldest daughter’s health. Lila Bahadur said, “My daughter urges me frequently to take her for a check up, however, I have no money for her treatment.” Jenny’s mother Urmila said, “We can be able to treat her if any government or non government organisations support us economically.” According to Urmila, she was 2.5 kg at birth. Father Lila Bahadur complained that his daughter is deprived of the allowance that the VDC provides to differently-abled people.