Girls of Badi community being deprived of school education

RUKUM: Thirteen-year-old Sushila Badi, hailing from Radi area in Aathbiskot Municipality-9 of Rukum West has not been to a school for formal education yet.

Her friends, however, are now in fifth and sixth grades. Sushila also wants to go to school but her willingness to pursue education has been dashed due to weak financial condition of her household.

She shared that she could not go to school as there was no source of income in her house after the demise of her father some years back.

Likewise, ten-year-old Sarita Badi of Radi also has a similar story. She too is deprived of educational opportunity. Poor economic condition is the impediment that keeps her from formal education.

Like Sushila and Sarita, as many as 34 girls of 15 Badi households are being deprived of school education.

It has been learnt that some Badi families have sent their sons to schools but compelled their daughters to work at home and outside. These families are residing along the banks of Thulobheri River nearby Radi.

Sushila expressed that they too are eager to go to school like other girls, referring to those who have received the opportunity of school education. However, she is not certain whether their dreams will ever come true.