Gn-totting maoists on ca premises : Memo to Speaker over security

Kathmandu, September 25:

Twenty Constituent Assembly members from the Nepali Congress today submitted a memorandum to CA chairperson Subas Chandra Nembang and drew his attention to alleged security code violation by Maoist cadres around the CA building.

Two NC CA members had raised this issue in the session of the CA yesterday after reports that armed Maoist cadres were roaming around the CA building.

“The ruling party cadres, who roam around the CA building with guns, pose a threat to peace and security,” Nabindra Raj Joshi, who was among the 20 NC CA members, said. The CA chairperson has promised to raise this issue with agencies concerned, Joshi said. “Even my aide-de-camp is barred from the CA because he is armed,” Joshi quoted Nembang. NC CA members also objected to former minister Matrika Yadav’s controversial role in the Siraha land-grab.

Home spokesperson Mod Raj Dotel said, “The Maoists cannot roam around the CA building with weapons. We will direct line agencies to check security violation,” Dotel said when asked if they have the names of Maoist cadres, who violated the security code yesterday.

Maoist Chief whip Dinanath Sharma indirectly admitted the roaming around of weapon-wielding PLA personnel on the CA premises. “Barsha Man Pun’s body guards might have entered the CA premises with weapons, but that cannot be taken as violation of the law.”

“We have not violated any rule. The previous government had decided that Maoist leaders, including chairman and PLA commanders, can be accompanied by armed PLA personnel. This is not a matter to make a fuss about,” Sharma said, adding it would be okay for them if the government quickly settled the issue of Maoists’ arms stored in cantonments. Maoist CA member Barsha Man Pun ‘Ananta’ could not be contacted for comments.

Meanwhile, NC president and former Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala interacted with some parliamentary party members today on contemporary politics.

According to NC CA member Purushottam Basnet, Koirala was concerned about the security code violation by Maoist cadres. “If they have really breached the security code, then you guys should seriously raise this issue,” Basnet quoted Koirala.

Koirala urged the party leaders to send a team across the nation to complete the unification tasks. “Try to send a united team so that it will give a message of real unity among party cadres and sympathisers,” Basnet quoted Koirala.