Goods in short supply in Pokhara

Himalayan News Service

Pokhara, February 20:

Locals of Pokhara are facing a shortage of consumer goods due to suspension of transport services since the last nine days.

Retailers said locals would also have to shell out more for less if the transport services to and from Pokhara do not resume soon.

Flour, sugar, rice varieties and beaten rice are in short supply, said Deepak Sherchan of Min Bahadur Sherchan Stores.

Most of the rice for the city was coming from Lalbandi, Birgunj, but there was no new stock has been reaching since February 12.

Nawaraj Giri of Munal Stores said the stock in the godown was sufficient only for another five to seven days.

He added the vehicle owners were refusing to resume transport service due to risk factors.

There is a shortage of lentils and cooking gas also but the scarcity of diesel and patrol has not yet been felt by the city dwellers.

Bishwa Ghimire of Vegetables and Fruits Market said there was no new supply, especially of oranges to the market.

Only locally produced vegetables are available in the market.