GWS agrees to construct Bhojpur campus

Bhojpur, January 30

The Gorkha Welfare Scheme (GWS) has decided to construct buildings for Bhojpur Multiple Campus at the district headquarters in Bhojpur.

The buildings of the campus at the district headquarters had sustained damage during last year’s earthquake.

A team led by Nepal Director of Gorkha Welfare Scheme John White, and Chief Captain of GWS Bhojpur office Rajan Rai had carried out a feasibility study two days ago.

Bhojpur Campus Chief Rohit Kumar Shrestha said that an agreement was reached with the team.

Shrestha said that academic activities have been badly affected after the quake destroyed the buildings.

He said students, teachers, administration, and all other stakeholders would  benefit if the construction works were completed on time.

White said that the allocated budget has almost been approved, and the construction works would be started by November. He informed that the works would be completed by next June.

Rai said that the office has been helping in constructing school buildings till date. “But a project to construct college buildings is being approved for the first time,” he added.

Rai further informed that the engineers’ team would reach the campus for a final survey soon.

He requested the campus administration to form a committee to help and coordinate with the construction team.