Gorkha wildfire continues

GORKHA: The wildfire that erupted two days ago and has been fanning across the forest at Sama Gaun area in the southern part of Gorkha district has not yet come under control.

Manaslu Conservation Area Project Chief Narendra Lama shared efforts to contain the wildfire have not been successful due to the wind. Lama said, “Efforts are being made to bring the fire under control. Locals are also making sure that the fire does not spread to other areas.”

According to him, MCAP has not been able to determine the areas engulfed by wildfire. Two rangers were deployed to take stock of the wildfire but given the remoteness of the forest, they will reach the area late in the night.

He further shared that the fire was spreading towards Birendra Lake. Locals are worried that the fire could spread to Samdo Forest.

Endangered animals such as snow leopard, Jharal and plants of medicinal values in the MCAP area are at risk due to the wildfire. MCAP is a sanctuary for the musk deer.

Locals have been advised to construct fire trenches to prevent the fire from spreading. Lama said that if police were deployed from Narung and Philim among other areas, it would further facilitate in preventing the dangers of fire engulfing the houses in human settlements.