Government can’t afford to fail, says Koirala

Pokhara, November 6

Nepali Congress central leader Shekhar Koirala today said failure of the federal system would put the constitution in jeopardy.

Addressing a programme organised on the occasion of Dashain, Tihar, and Chhath festivals, Koirala said it was the common responsibility of all the political parties to make federal system a success.  He asked the central government to formulate laws as early as possible and hand over the responsibility of police administration and integration of the civil servants to the provincial governments promptly. “If delayed, the provinces might revolt,” he warned.

Koirala said the incumbent government could not afford to fail. “The present government is stable. It has to end political instability and last full term,” Koirala said.

Koirala stressed the need to lay focus on good governance, transparency and maintaining law and order. “Nepali Congress is ready to collaborate with the government for good governance, peace and security,” Koirala added. He said all parties should come together for the country’s prosperity and development.