Government committing genocide: FSF-N

Kathmandu, November 23

Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal issued a statement on the completion of 100 days of Tarai agitation and accused the government of committing genocide in the Tarai districts.

FSF-N said more than 50 people were martyred during the agitation and the movement would be remembered as a glorious and self-sacrificing struggle in the annals of people’s revolution. FSF-N had reacted within hours after three people were killed in police firing in Saptari thus:

“Instead of meeting the just demands and addressing the agendas of Madhesis, indigenous nationalities, Dalits, Muslims and Tharus, the government is brutally repressing the agitation by mobilising armed police force and Nepal police,” in its press release.

The party said the government was committing genocide in Tarai/Madhes/Tharuhat with racial mindset, ethnic arrogance and discriminatory policies. FSF-N also accused the government of flouting democratic principles and international humanitarian law and human rights.

“FSF-N strongly condemns this genocide against humanity. This (agitation in Madhesi) is also a movement of emancipation for people of the mountains and hills who have been discriminated against,” he said.

The party also said that the government, instead of addressing the issues, was hatching a conspiracy to provoke communal clashes between the Pahadi (people of hill origin) and Madhesis.

“We all need to remain alert about this conspiracy and be mindful that unity in diversity is our characteristic and we need to maintain cordiality, tolerance and unity among ourselves,” FSF-N said in its release.

The party also urged all to allow the movement of ambulances, Red Cross vehicles, diplomats, fire engines, hearses, medicine laden vehicles and vehicles used by human rights activists without any hindrance.