Kathmandu, January 25 The government has developed the Procedure for Relocation of Vulnerable Settlement and Integrated Settlement Development to relocate disaster-prone settlements to safer place and establish integrated settlements for the purpose of managing land and ensuring basic amenities and economic interest of people. Before relocation, District Disaster Management Committee in association with the Federal Project Implementation Unit and Urban Development and Building Construction Department will identify the vulnerable settlements. On the basis of the details and study report submitted by the DoUDBC, Central Integrated Settlement Development Coordination Committee selects the settlements to be relocated on the basis of integrated settlement development plan. According to the procedure, the vulnerable settlements may be relocated in a single or different places wholly or partially as per necessity ensuring that they have minimum infrastructure and facilities. The stages of settlement relocation involves land acquisition, land development and infrastructure development. “There shall be participation of at least 25 households for integrated settlement development after relocation. While carrying out relocation after development of integrated settlement, income-generating programmes shall be conducted for livelihood of relocated families in association with the provincial government, local level, and governmental and non-governmental agencies,” it states. The livelihood programmes accord special priority to households with single women, children, senior citizens, and differently-abled and disadvantaged persons. According to the procedure, the integrated settlement will have access road, transportation, electricity, sewerage, sanitation and other basic services and facilities along with open space on the basis of population. “No immovable property, including land, of the integrated settlement may be changed and fragmented in any form for a period of two years from the date of relocation of the concerned families,” the procedure states. The Ministry of Urban Development shall request the Ministry of Finance for budget as estimated by the DoUDBC for implementation of the relocation and integrated settlement development plan. The procedure also stipulates the provisions of a 10-member Central Integrated Settlement Development Committee led by the minister for urban development to determine the grant amount to be provided to the beneficiaries for housing construction in the integrated settlement. The housing shall be quake-resistant with a toilet in the prescribed design. The government will provide to the households Rs 500,000 each in the mountain, Rs 400,000 in the hill and Rs 300,000 in the urban and Tarai region in three instalments for housing construction. “The amount exceeding the grant for housing construction shall be borne by the concerned family,” the procedure states.