Govt inclined to weakening rule of law: Leader Khand

JANAKPURDHAM: Nepali Congress Central Committee member, Bal Krishna Khand, has said that raising the issue of directly elected executive President is to invite autocracy.

At a news conference organised at Janakpurdham today, NC leader Khand expressed his view that the government was inclined towards making the 'rule of law' weak.

He further said that the budget unveiled by the federal government would only create problems for the people.

On a different note, leader Khand said that the opposition party was not weak and that it has been watching the activities of the government in view of its honeymoon period, saying the NC, the main opposition party in parliament, has been carrying out serious discussions over the government's performance.

Noting that it was necessary to address the demands of Madhes through constitution amendment, he said the role of Madhes-based parties was not as expected in this regard.

Also the Chief Whip of NC, Khand said that it was necessary that all should focus their attention to make federalism and democracy strong.