'Government needs to pay attention to law-making'

KARNALI: Deputy Speaker of Karnali Province Pushpa Gharti has said that the government needs to give due attention towards law-making.

In an interaction with stakeholders organised by Nepal Law Society, Civic Dialogue Centre, Karnali Province and Karnali Province Affairs and Legislation Committee here on Friday, the Deputy Speaker commented that development and formulation of laws are not being carried out to meet the expectations of people.

Furthermore, the Deputy Speaker said the work of the parliament is to focus on drafting laws and regulations, not on development works.

The parliament and its various committees need to work together for it, Deputy Speaker Gharti said, adding that it is because the members of the provincial assembly who are not present on time that new laws are not being formulated in the province.

He added that the provincial government is weak in developing laws. Likewise, it is a matter of concern that some local levels in the province are not implementing some of the laws that have been formulated, Gharti said.