Govt ‘not serious’ on Tarai talks

Outfits say pre-conditions for talks not fulfilled

Rajbiraj, December 17:

Though the government has formally invited different armed outfits operating in the Tarai for talks, some outfits have accused the government of being irresponsible towards fulfilling minimum pre-conditions before sitting for the talks.

Issuing a press statement two days ago, Janatantrik Tarai Mukti Morcha president Jwala Singh had asked the government to release their cadres, withdraw fake cases against them, guarantee security for them, declare ceasefire and call back police and Nepal Army personnel to the district headquarters. The release stated that the government had not responded to JTMM’s pre-conditions forwarded to it a month back.

Central coordinator of the All Tarai Mukti Morcha Jayakrishna Goit has clarified that

his group was not against the talks if it were mediated by the United Nations.

Goit also accused the government of not being serious for the talks despite the declaration of truce by his outfit.

Another Tarai outfit Madhesi Mukti Tigers (MMT) has also decided not to sit for the talks immediately.

“On one hand, the government invites us for talks and on the other it has been murdering our cadres,” alleged central president of the MMT Raj, adding that his outfit has not received formal invitation for talks.

Meanwhile, talks mediator Jyoti Jha said expressions of some ministers’ against the Tarai outfits and unnecessary arrests of their cadres had been creating problems in bringing the outfits to the talks table.

The government held a first round of talks with the Madhesi Virus Killers on December 11. However, more such groups have been mushrooming in different parts of the Tarai.