Govt, agitating groups in futile talks

KATHMANDU: With almost no significant outcome, the government is on a never-ending series of dialogues with different political, ethnic and armed outfits. Every peace minister has been spending most of the time during their tenure to talk with the agitating outfits.

A total of 21 such outfits so far have sat for dialogues with the then minister Janadhan Sharma ‘Prabhakar’ during the Maoist-led government and the incumbent Peace Minister Rakam Chemjong. Sharma had spent most of his time holding such talks at different parts of the country, and so is being done by Minister Chemjong at the moment.

However, the rituals of talks are on despite both sides being aware of the fact that the reached agreements are hardly going to be translated into action. It is mainly due to lack of certain mechanism at the ministry to monitor the implementation of the signed pacts. "To make the matter worse, there isn't any mechanism to coordinate with the other line ministries for implementing the agreements," source at the ministry said.

Parsu Ram Tamang, member of Tamsaling joint struggle committee, who recently sealed an eight-point deal with the government after marathon of talks, blamed that the government was not serious to implement the agreement. "We've signed the agreement but I'm not optimistic over its implementation."

Similarly, the agreement reached between the government and Tharuhat struggle committee is yet to be implemented. Hinting the government's apathy to implement the previous agreement Tharuhat has again declared its agitation, which includes a two-day Tarai bandh. Raj Kumar Lekhi, general secretary of Tharuhat welfare council said, "We've finally decided to launch a nationwide agitation as most of our demands are yet to be fulfilled."

Against such backdrop, Minister Chemjong, however, is currently holding talks with four armed Tarai outfits.

According to Hari Kumar Shrestha, spokesperson at Ministry of Peace, the meaningless costs are incurring loss to the government. "The ministry has to bear all expenses of the talks members of the agitating groups who come for dialogue."

Some groups sealing deal with govt

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