"My govt" after budget announcement, says Dahal

CHITWAN: CPN Maoist Centre Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal said he would lead the government immediately after the budget announcement for the next fiscal.

The government is planning to announce the annual budget for the fiscal year 2016/17 on Saturday, May 28.

Speaking with journalists in Bharatpur of Chitwan today, Dahal, a key leader of the current ruling coalition, said his party and Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli's CPN-UML had reached a gentlemen's agreement to hand over the reins.

Dahal was hopeful that his government would be a national consensus government.

The main opposition Nepali Congress and Madhes-centric parties have already agreed in his leadership while the UML was also in favour of forming the consensus government while signing the nine-point agreement on May 5.

Dahal reiterated that a national consensus government was imperative to implement the Constitution, carry out post-earthquake reconstruction works, resolve the Madhes issues and speed up development activities.

The Maoist leader, however, maintained that he was unwilling to lead the majority coalition government.

Meanwhile, Dahal said all cases from the decade-long armed conflict should be dealt according to the Comprehensive Peace Accord.

In a different context, the Maoist leader said local elections should be held only after restructuring the local bodies in line with the new Constitution promulgated in September last year.